세계로 뻗어가는 비맥스테크놀로지

비맥스테크놀로지는 국내를 넘어 전 세계에 사업의 이정표를 제시하는 기업이 되고자 오늘의 현실에 안주하지 않고 현재보다 더 큰 각오를 다지며
내일을 향한 발걸음을 멈추지 않고 있습니다.

  • 2020

    Hyundai Motor Autonomous Drive project

  • 2019

    ASM Korea. ASM Japan, ASM USA Semiconductor equipment Conroller project

  • 2018

    Achieve LoTTo Project, NuK, Sports TOTO project, KRA(Korea Racing Authority)

  • 2017

    Achieve ATM(NH, NCR(Export)), KRA(Korea Racing Authority)

  • 2016

    Self Gasoline Station, Sports TOTO project

  • 2015

    Achieve ASM, SFA, Golf-Zone

  • 2014

    Increase POS Market(OKPOS, SHINHEUNG)

  • 2013

    Achieve LG R&D Project, KCT

  • 2012

    Achieve LSIS Project, KOSE, OKPOS

  • 2011

    Achieve HANASIS Project, Vtechnology Korea

  • 2010-2002


  • Supply industrial PC and Monitor for the Semiconductor Production of YoungWoo DSP
  • Samsung semiconductor with ETNI, TOPTEC
  • Increase Industrial PC Market, Samsung Electronics Chip set supply UMPC
  • LG Electronics, LGNsys, SHARP Chip set supply Banking Machine (ATM)
  • Supply 3M Touch Systems and Salt,AMT Products
  • As major distributor of Salt International Corp. Korea
  • Launched Bemax Technology Co.,Ltd. As major distributor of 3M Touch Systems Inc Korea
    Company name changed as = Bemax Technology Co., Ltd.
  • 3M Merged Dynapro & MicroTouch