16-mode Ignition Power Control MezIO™ Module

  • Ignition power control with 16 predefined on/ off delay modes
  • Ultra-low 12 mA ignition-off standby power
  • Advanced of ignition control features
    – Low-battery protection
    – Guarded power-on/ power-off delay duration
    – System hard-off
    – BIOS POST check
  • Supports 12V DC (small vehicle) and 24V DC (bus/ truck) vehicles

Ordering Information

(Nuvo-7160GC/ Nuvo-7164GC/ Nuvo-7000E/P
Nuvo-7000DE/ Nuvo-5026E/ Nuvo-5000E/P

16-mode ignition power control MezIO™ module for in-vehicle usage

(POC-500/ POC-300/ Nuvo-7000LP/ Nuvo-5000LP)

16-mode ignition power control and 1x mini-PCIe socket MezIO™ module for in-vehicle usage